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In autumn 2020 we were fortunate to be able to press a wonderful range of apples, including cider makers’ favourites such as Foxwhelp, Dabinett, Kingston Black and Brown’s, but also more obscure varieties such as Dymock Red, Balls Bittersweet and Landore.

So now, in May 2021, we have produced three new blended still ciders.

Our new Medium cider, made from Landore, Brown’s and Ashton Brown Jersey as well as other apples, is a clear, light golden blend with a fruity aroma and a real appley taste.

The new Medium Dry cider is a blend of Dabinett, Brown’s and Foxwhelp, among others. It has a caramel aroma with a hint of sharpness, and a fresh zing of acidity followed by smooth tannin.

Our new Sweet cider has a wonderful aroma of fruit and citrus. It is light, subtly sweet and delicious, with a light body and crispness.

As usual, our ciders contain no artificial ingredients – just apples.

More ciders will follow later in the 2021 season, including one or perhaps two single varieties.