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Unlike big commercial producers, our ciders change from year to year, depending on weather, and how different varieties of apple have fared.  We aim to produce one or two single variety ciders each year, which may be Kingston Black, Dabinett, or Brown’s. 

The ‘queen of cider apples’, Kingston Black produces a cider that is full-bodied and well balanced, with a fresh, mellow flavour.  Dabinett is a full bittersweet apple, giving a cider that is well balanced and full-bodied, with a rich smoothness and a deep golden colour.  Brown’s Apple cider is slightly scented, sharp and clean, with a fruity aroma.

Each year we also put together blended ciders that are Medium, Medium Dry, and sometimes Sweet.  The orchards we harvest offer us a wonderful range of apples: not just the classic cider makers’ favourites, but also more obscure ones such as Dymock Red, Balls Bittersweet, Ladies Finger, Ten Commandments and Landore.

Our ciders contain no artificial ingredients – just apples.